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Team Virtual Asia on the web 

Well what more can I say except "WE HAD A BLAST!" 

Following our interview with Crazy Ibor, Collin Fearne and Stormy Schatzi, concensus by the Virtual Overview team was "What an amazing bunch of people and extra amazing Sim."

Crazy, Collin and Stormy came onto the set last Thursday warmly welcoming the opportunity to have us interview them about their new sim VIRTUAL ASIA. We had an amazing time with the gang who informed us about how the project came about as well as having a relaxed, side splitting time just chatting.

VITUAL ASIA TEAM on the set of VIRTUAL OVERVIEW 30/08/2012.
Crazy Ibor, Collin Fearne and Stormy Schatzi with X-93 Xevion, Vince1080 Atlass and Tori Carlucci

In a nut shell VIRTUAL ASIA is the brain child of Maanaf whom has a long history within SL for creating virtual worlds that are nothing less than spectacular. As you wander through you definitely get a feel for Asian culture achieved primarily by the amazing photo realistic textures used on the buildings, the hustle and bustle sounds right through to authentic Asian music set to the stream. We have been back a number of times and still haven't been able to see it completely. 

You definitely have to get down there! With heaps to do and see trust me you won't be disappointed and guarantee you will go back again and again visiting clubs, cinema's, café's, lounges and much more. For the shopaholics you can shop to your hearts content with many leading designers who have set up shop on the sim. The one thing I loved about the shopping experience is that the stores are nestled amongst the builds seamlessly. As you wander through taking in the sights you fall upon a store. Unique in its set-up and vastly different to what we are used to when visiting other shopping strips. In addition to all this you can set up residency here also. They have 50 apartments ready and waiting for you. Contact either Maanaf or Crazy for more information on the requirements to set up your next home in this amazing place.

There is a very very serious side to the reason VIRTUAL ASIA was started. The vision the team have  ".... is to both expose the SL community to the Asian culture/environment as well as to study to see how a virtual society might provide opportunities for economic growth for Asians in real life." The dream to help the less fortunate in Asia is the force that drives them. Their real life foundation committed to aid those less fortunate in the world economy will help teach real people/families real skill sets that can be used within the SL environment initially but extend into reality. Their foundation is obtaining computers and rl offices are being set up to make this dream a reality. If you go to their blog you will find out exactly how all this is going to be achieved.

Please feel free to listen to our whole interview at

Do yourselves a favour and head over to VIRTUAL ASIA today.

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